Trey Songz Arrested at His Detroit Concert After Destroying Stage

Trey Songz was arrested after his concert in Detroit on Wednesday night (Dec. 28), police confirmed to Billboard.

Videos posted online show the Grammy-nominated R&B singer tearing down parts of the stage at Joe Louis Arena and throwing objects when the venue cut off his microphone and lights after its 11:30 p.m. curfew.

“He became irate and belligerent, and started throwing microphones, speakers, basically anything he could get his hands on,” police said.

Earlier, Songz had been asked to end his “Big Show at the Joe” performance, at which point he declared to the audience: “If that happens, I love you no matter what. All I want to do is give you the best show I’m capable of giving … If they cut me off … I’m going the f— crazy.” He then starts singing: “Go on and do it. Go on and cut me off.”

The 32 year old, whose legal name is Tremaine Neverson, is being held at the Detroit Detention Center, facing charges of malicious destruction of property and resisting and obstructing arrest.

Detroit police said a sergeant who attempted to remove Songz from the stage was hit in the head with a thrown object and treated at the hospital for a concussion.

Songz retweeted a fan-shot video with the caption, “They turned off his mic so he fsu’d,” and video shot from the side of the stage shows the singer pulling down parts of the backdrop.


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