Ludacris Pays a Visit to Paralyzed Fan in Rehab Center

Ryley Hooper tragically became paralyzed from the neck down this year after accidentally diving into a shallower end of a swimming pool. While he’s been at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta recuperating, he was given the surprise of a lifetime with a visit from his favorite rapper, Ludacris!

Ludacris made the time to see Ryley on Monday, calling the 19-year-old “one of the strongest minds and spirits” he’s met. Sharing a pic on Instagram with his fans, the rapper spoke Ryley’s praises. “He’s only 19 years old and we mostly spoke about how what seems impossible is always possible with the right mindset,” Ludacris said. “He knows this from personal experience because he hasn’t let his set back set him back.”

The teen was beyond excited about the chance to sit and talk with Luda. “What a crazy opportunity to visit with @ludacris today! Thanks for coming through and the good wishes.#ncwomen,” Ryley wrote on his Instagram page.

It’s awesome that Ludacris took time to spend some moments with one of his biggest fans! Definitely something Ryley will never forget. It’s also really inspiring to read Ryley’s story and how he refuses to let his circumstances get him down!

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