Why Sasha Obama Missed President Barack Obama’s Farewell Speech

Where in the world is Sasha Obama?

That was the question on Americans’ minds Tuesday evening as President Barack Obamadelivered a teary farewell address in Chicago. As cameras focused in on First Lady Michelle Obama and their older daughter Malia Obama wiping away tears in the audience, the 15-year-old was nowhere to be found.

As the First Family took the stage for its last public event in office late Tuesday night, the teen’s absence was felt even more as viewers took to social media to ponder what could have possibly kept the youngest Obama away for their White House finale.

Simply, the high school sophomore had a test in the morning. According to a White House official, she stayed back in D.C. because she had an exam at school on Wednesday.

However, before it was confirmed that Sasha really had to miss the big speech for school, endless jokes popped up on Twitter musing over what kept her away.


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