‘World Star Hip Hop’ Founder Dead At Age 43

Lee O’Denat, better known in the hip hop community as Q, and the founder of the wildly popular World Star Hip Hop website died. He was 43 years old.

While little is known about Q’s sudden death, TMZ reports he died in his sleep Monday night. (Jan. 23) The infamous website was launched in 2005 as a hub for mixtapes, and quickly grew to become a website where music videos from well respected artists, along with fight videos and other outlandish clips were housed.

In later years, the site delved into the popular web series arena and premiered Megan Good and Tamara Bass’ drama All That Matters hoping to capitalize off the site’s already enormous traffic.  There’s no word at this time on what Denat’s death means for the brand.

Rest In Peace, Q.


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