Charlotte cop who killed Keith Lamont Scott will not face charges

The North Carolina cop who killed Keith Lamont Scott will not face charges, his family’s lawyer told local media.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Brentley Vinson shot and killed the 43-year-old on Sept. 20, igniting nights of protests in Charlotte and across the country.

Police have maintained that the shooting was justified. Official said the cop, who was searching near Scott’s home for an unrelated suspect, found Scott sitting inside his car with marijuana and a weapon.

The two-year force veteran opened fire because Scott refused his orders to drop his weapon, police claimed.

Police video showed officers shouting for Scott to drop a gun numerous times.

However, scott’s wife — who witnessed the shooting — said her husband was sitting in the car reading while waiting for his son to get off the school bus. She said her husband was on medication for a head injury, and the drugs made it hard for him to communicate.


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