President Obama says Michelle won’t run for office

Yes we can, but no she won’t.

In an interview published this week, President Barack Obama confirmed what the First Lady has been saying all along.

“Michelle will never run for office,” said Obama, speaking with Rolling Stonemagazine the day after Hillary Clinton’s Election Day defeat. “She is as talented a person as I know. You can see the incredible resonance she has with the American people. But I joke that she’s too sensible to want to be in politics.”

As recently as March, Michelle Obama denied any inclination to follow in her husband’s footsteps.

“I will not run for president. No, nope, not going to do it,” the First Lady told a crowd at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, according to CNN.

Explaining that she’s busy enough with two daughters, she added, “You don’t have to be president of the United States to do wonderful and marvelous things.”

The First Lady enjoyed a surge of popularity with a show-stealing speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, addressing both a hopeful future and painful past.


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