The Cast Of “The Breaks” Joins Sway In The Morning

Before jumping into The Breaks talk, we spoke to each individual actor to find out what’s happing in their lives. Mack Wilds chimes in about his new upcoming album, After Hours, and was blessed with a co-sign from Sway, calling him “Newpac” — in comparison to Pac’s 3x-threat of being an artist, songwriter, actor and excellent performer.

Sinqua Wall modestly spoke on his role in The Breaks, while Sway proudly listed his achievements for him; Power, Grey’s Anatomy, Friday Night Lights, Teen Wolf, CSI and much much more.

Next up was Antoine Harris, playing the character of the thuggish rapper, he had some bars tucked in his pocket, and surprisingly spit on the spot, impressing us all.

Catch the interview below and make sure to watch The Breaks, February 20 at 9pm on VH1.


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