Fat Joe Gifts His Former Bronx Elementary School With 20 Computers

Fat Joe hasn’t forgot where he came from.

The Bronx native took some time to out to give back to his former elementary school located in South Bronx. The “All The Way Up” rapper donated 20 Microsoft computers to grade school. The students welcomed Fat Joe with a warm welcome as he offered words of encouragement to the students and talked about the importance of receiving your education and working hard to fulfill your dreams, according to NY Daily News.

“In order for you to compete and use your creativity like I told you, use that switch I told you about, you have to be up to date with technology,” the rapper said during an assembly, “so we’re giving back 20 computers to [P.S.] 146.”

Joe’s younger sister, Lisa Cartagena who died during childbirth was a former student of P.S. 146 in whom the donation was in memory of. Fat Joe told the children that he would like to inspire and help the youth surpass expectations.

“We don’t want you to just be smart, we want you to be brilliant. We want you to be geniuses,” he said. “Once you achieve a level of success … you learn, something tells you, man this ain’t even for you. You got to share with the people. You got to inspire the people.”


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