Apple Music Calls Off Chris Brown Deal After Firearm Charges

Chris Brown just lost a very lucrative deal with Apple.

Being a bad boy doesn’t pay and it seems with Chris, his acts are finally catching up to him.

Apple Music was having discussions to purchase the exclusive rights to his upcoming documentary, Welcome To My Life.

The company had set aside an $800,000 (N252,200,000) advance for the rights but Chris can bid farewell to the fund.

Chris revealed the documentary was his “redemption story” which would share details about his life and his famed assault on Rihanna in 2009.

Brown and Rihanna were dating at the time.

Perez Hilton, on Thursday, August 29, quoted an inside source as saying the deal was “taken off the table after the company found out he was caught up in another lawsuit for allegedly beating his manager Mike G.”

While no release date has been slated for his docustory, many seem to support Apple’s decision to quit negotiations with the singer.

Brown is being accused by his former manager, Mike G of assaulting him earlier this year.

The 27-years-old star is due to appear in court on November 29, for the assault charge.

Brown is also being investigated for threatening a woman with a gun at his residence in California, Tuesday, August 30.

Though his accuser’s story is yet to be verified.


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