Lala Anthony Talks DJ Khaled & Her New VH1 Show

Power fans may recognize Lala Anthony as Keisha, a woman who often plays second to her BFF Tasha St. Patrick every Sunday night. But sitting in the McDonald’s All Day Breakfast lounge at Made In America festival in Philly last weekend, the actress/producer is not easily overlooked. Anthony juggles a swarm of press –– alongside real-life bestie Kelly Rowland –– and chops it up about Mickey D’s recently extended menu choices.

Breakfast just might be her easiest decision of the day, though. The First Lady of the New York Knicks sat down to discuss executive producing a new upcoming VH1 show, turning her New York Times bestseller into a Lifetime TV series and why DJ Khaled was dripping in NBA baller husband Carmelo’s gold medals.

Let’s talk a little bit about Power. After last week’s episode, do you feel it’s possible for Tasha and Keisha to mend the friendship?

Well, first we gotta make sure Keisha’s alive to mend the friendship. But yeah, when you’ve been friends with somebody for that long, you go through things and you make it through. Tasha’s in a tough place dealing with all the stuff with Ghost, so she’s making a lot of crazy, sporadic decisions. Eventually it’ll be forgiven, if Keisha just understands what your friend is going through.

Do you think your character has grown this season?

Yeah, I do. But I definitely would love to see even more in the upcoming season if all goes OK. There’s a lot more for Keisha to do and a lot more for us to learn about her.

Beyond just being Tasha’s friend…

Yeah, there’s a lot more.

Now, the pic of DJ Khaled wearing Melo’s medals went viral. How did he got his hands on those?

Well, Khaled has been a friend of mine for years and we were filming for a new show I’m producing on VH1. I brought the medals with me because I knew he would love that and would have some crazy Snapchat moment, so we had a fun time. That’s the first time I brought the medals out the house. Had to have my security with me and the whole thing [laughs], but it was fun.

Tell me about this VH1 show. 

It’s tentatively called Goal Diggers, and it’s about women who are trying to form businesses and become entrepreneurs: makeup lines, pajama lines, modeling and a lot of cool, different things.

It’s a competition show? 

It’s not. It’s about women empowerment and showing how just because you may have started out as a video girl, you can step out of that and become a businesswoman. And I think that’s important just for young girls to see. Myself and Timbaland are producing it together.

When does it premiere?

Should be out soon. We’re filming now, so VH1 has to watch everything and decide when [it will air]. Khaled filmed because one of the girls was the lead girl in his video, so we were talking about how she can take that platform and turn it into something else.

And he’s the motivational guy right now. 

Yeah, he’s the guy for everything.

What other projects do you have coming up?

The Love Playbook is being turned into a movie right now with myself and Queen Latifah’s company (Flavor Unit Entertainment) and then The Power Playbook is going to become a TV series on Lifetime, so I’m really excited for that.




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