Young M.A. Accused Of Taking $33,000 Without Appearing At Club

A New Orleans concert promoter is calling out rising rap star Young M.A for allegedly walking away with $33,000 without making a scheduled appearance at a nightclub.

Winston of Tank Dawg Records posted a video on his Instagram page accusing the “OOOUUU” musician of scamming him. According to the video, everything on the back end was settled and Young M.A was scheduled to perform at an after party event. However, Winston says that she and her team refused to go into the club because it was not packed enough, and they left shortly after.

“Young M.A had a nasty attitude the whole g*ddamn time,” he explained in the video. “Young M.A got an attitude problem. I called her about my back end because she didn’t show. She ran to the g*ddamn airport with her management team. They stop answering the phone. She did a whole ‘nother concert the next day that she promoted. I want my motherf**king money, M.A Ya, heard me? Me and my team Tank Dawg Records want our motherf**king money.”

In another video posted to his Instagram page, Winston and his crew say that they’re still “pissed off” with the rapper, and to make matters a little more serious, they’re toting guns and pointing them at the camera.

“I want my f**kin money @hennynhoes,” he wrote. “…you ain’t even tell your fans you was sorry how that go and you took the flyer down speak up.”

Young M.A and her team have not responded to the allegations.


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