Shakira Pays $25M To Spanish Government Amid Tax Fraud Investigation, Claims Report

Shakira‘s legal battle has only gotten nastier. According to reports, the Colombian singer had to pay $25 million to the Spanish government amid her ongoing tax fraud investigation. The cash is meant to cover a portion of the debt that Spanish authorities claim she must settle.

As readers know, Shakira’s tax fraud drama began when the Spanish government claimed she was living as an illegal resident in the country from 2010 to 2014. While she owned a home and paid taxes in the Bahamas at the time, she was also famously dating Barcelona soccer star Gerard Piqué, and visited him often.

According to Spanish law, if Shakira, 41, spent 183 or more days in the country, she would be considered a legal resident and thus remain financially responsible for paying local taxes. While the star assured authorities that she was not in the country for that extended amount of time, investigators are still searching evidence to prove the contrary.

As El Periodico reported, investigators have gone so far to prove Shakira committed tax fraud, they’ve even resorted to checking celebrity photo sites and interviewing her stylist to gain insight into her whereabouts.

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