Coko Of SWV Claims Her Son Was Victim Of A Racist Verbal Attack At School

On Wednesday (Nov. 16), the R&B/gospel singer claimed her son Jaylon was the victim of a racist verbal attack from classmates. Coko, who reportedly resides in Virgina, says her son was called a “n***a” and the n-word with the hard-r while riding the school bus. She also says her son found the bathroom walls defaced with the same racial terms. The singer didn’t add the name of her son’s school on her Instagram post but says the school is located in Chesapeake.

“I’m going to the school because this will not be tolerated!” she captioned the photo. “I’m not here for this bulls**t AT ALL!!! I’m mad as HELL!!!!” Singer and friend Syleena Johnson commented with a similar story involving her child. “That’s that bulls**t! They TRIED IT at KJ school I went all the way to the board of EDUCATION! Bad a** kid was suspended! Called KJ a stupid little ‘black boy’” she said.

Many fans and like-minded mothers chimed in, applauded the singer’s son for not resulting to violence during the incident.”I teach him to keep an open mind, but this is making him side eye me,” Coko replied.

The singer hasn’t shared the school’s reaction to the incident.



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