DJ Khaled Went Undercover As a Lyft Driver And Somehow People Didn’t Recognize Him

DJ Khaled is the latest celebrity to go undercover for Lyft as a driver for a day.

Of course, in Khaled’s case, he doubled down on his identity with the new name of Billy and a second career as a locksmith.

Many Lyft riders looked shocked as Khaled still tried to convince them that his name was Billy, despite most of them knowing that his name is definitely not Billy. “This is what happens when you’re too iconic.” “I got all the keys. Keys to everything.”

Fortunately, Khaled was able to keep the ruse going with some unsuspecting passengers who didn’t recognize the the rapper out of context. “You look just like my cousin’s boyfriend!” one rider told him after getting in the car. One rider is still in the dark after Khaled namedrops his “I Got the Keys song.” “Future and Jay Z’s on it. And some guy screaming on there.”

Some of the ride was filled with Khaled dropping key pieces of knowledge as he took the Lyft customers from point A to point B. As usual, he was looking out for everyone’s best interest with some key points about protecting everyone. “The key is not to get in a car accident. The key is to look out for everybody’s safety.” It turns out Khaled also hates red lights because “they want to slow us down.” Khaled also encouraged passengers to shout “woo” as he made some key right turns.

There was also plenty of talk about some of Khaled’s favorite activities like jet skiing, his dream to have a pet lion, and his daily morning routine of tending to his beard. By the end, Khaled is pressing his riders for their favorite artists and one girl drops Khaled’s name, explaining that she checks his Snapchat for inspiration whenever she is feeling down. All of the secrecy pays off at the end when Khaled removes his shades and hat and reveals who the Lyft passengers have really been talking to the whole time. Major keys to Lyft for this one.




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