Derrick Ward, ex-Giant RB, allegedly assaulted his wife, threatened to kill her

Former Giants running back Derrick Ward threatened to kill his wife and has physically assaulted her multiple times over the past year, Naomi Lee Allen-Ward alleges in various legal documents, according to TMZ Sports.

Allen-Ward has reportedly filed a restraining order against the former tailback, alleging physical, verbal and emotional abuse.

Allen-Ward alleges Ward once threatened to kill her after she tried to calm him down while he was lecturing their daughter for having scuffed shoes, according to TMZ Sports.

“You always have to f—ing say something! I hate you! I’ll kill you! I don’t care if I go to jail,” Ward allegedly said, according to TMZ Sports.

Allen-Ward claims Ward has always had monthly outbursts since their relationship first began nine years ago, but over the last year he has become physically abusive as well. Allen-Ward alleges Ward “shoves her, punches walls, breaks objects,” according to TMZ Sports. These assaults have also been known to happen in front of their children, according to TMZ Sports.


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