Wanda Sykes Flips Off Crowd After Getting Booed For Anti-Trump Material

Comedienne Wanda Sykes got all the way real with fans during her set at the Comics Come Home charity event in Boston, in which she discussed her opinions over the president-elect, Donald Trump.

“I was telling everybody, ‘it’s gonna be okay!’ I am certain this is not the first time we’ve elected a racist, sexist, homophobic president,” Sykes said to boos from the crowd about five minutes into her set.

“He ain’t the first one, he’s just the first confirmed one,” she continued. “The evidence is there. How can you say he’s not racist? ‘Grab them by the p***y’? How can you say he’s not sexist? How can you say he’s not racist? How can you say he’s not homophobic?

The wave of disapproval from the audience continued, and Sykes began to yell “f**k you motherf**kers, f**k all y’all” to them, while pointing to certain audience members. She reportedly flipped them off as she left the stage. A female fan came on the stage at the end of the set to hug Sykes and left by passing the peace sign.

Interestingly enough, the evening’s host Denis Leary and fellow comedian Nick DiPaolo touched upon the election in their sets. However, according to the Boston Herald, they were not poorly received like Sykes was.



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