Chris Bosh’s Mom Denies Drug Trafficking Charges, Says Son Is Evicting Her

Chris Bosh‘s mother Freida told TMZ Sports the former Miami Heat All-Star is attempting to evict her even though she denies drug trafficking charges.

TMZ reported Friday police raided the Texas home where Freida lives and reportedly “found evidence connecting Freida’s house with a drug trafficking operation.”

However, Freida said the issue stemmed from a former short-term tenant and has nothing to do with her. According to TMZ, she rented out the home to cover legal bills to fight the eviction from her son—who she said she hasn’t spoken to in five years.

WFAA in Dallas reported on the raid Friday, noting the investigation began when police found cocaine and marijuana during a traffic stop of a car leaving the house. Further surveillance of the house revealed “a large amount of vehicle traffic that was coming and going,” and sources said “they also saw several ‘hand to hand’ drug type transactions occurring outside the residence.”

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