Thanks To ‘Hidden Figures,’ Lego Will Honor The Women Of NASA

Because of Hidden Figures, the group of African-American women who contributed to NASA’s space program in the 1960s are hidden no more. To continue to honor the Women of NASA’s legacy and inspire other young women, Lego is launching a new toy set of mini-figures.

The collection, which was brought to life by Maia Weinstock, will include NASA trajectory expert Katherine Johnson, whom Taraji P. Henson played in the film, as well as MIT computer scientist Margaret Hamilton, Fortune reports. The mini-figures will also include Mae Jemison, first African American woman in space; Sally Ride, first American woman in space, and physicist Nancy Grace Roman. In addition to its many characters, the set will include mini versions of computer programming machines, and the historic Hubble Space telescope.


“We’re really excited to be able to introduce Maia’s Women of NASA set for its inspirational value as well as build and play experience,” a Lego representative said in an official statement. The toy company’s goal is that the new figure will inspire girls to pursue careers in STEM, technology, and engineering.

Lego previously thrust its support behind women in STEM with its first collection featuring women scientists in 2014. That set has recently been retired, but received great reviews at the time. The latest Women of NASA toy set is reportedly awaiting a final product design, but is expected to be available some time in 2018.


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