Tamar Braxton Apologizes After Lashing Out at Fan for Saying Son Needs Speech Therapy

Tamar Braxton is humbling herself and asking people to forgive her for publicly berating a fan.

After a woman suggested on Braxton’s social media page that her 3-year-old son might need speech therapy, the singer-songwriter and WEtv star was offended. In her initial response the entertainer wrote derogatory comments against the self-proclaimed fan who said her intent was to show concern as a mother whose own child had undergone speech therapy.

Braxton told the woman to go “play in traffic” in defense of her son, but later recognized the error of her ways. Now, she is offering a public apology.

“I truly, humbly apologize if I hurt anyone’s feelings by poppin off. I am mama bear! And honestly, although I STILL feel that comment about Logan wasn’t necessary, I want you who said it and everyone else to know that name calling to anyone isn’t nice, and getting words twisted and being misunderstood never feels good to anyone,” Braxton wrote on Instagram. “In or out of the public eye. Please know that my actions and sensitivity as a human and a mother is ALWAYS on defense!”

The “Braxton Family Values” star spoke about understanding how frustrating it can be to have her own messages and actions misinterpreted, and empathized with the commenter that she lashed out against.

“For me to react the same way that I sometimes get treated is just wrong. So I now ask please, whomever in my LIFE (because I see it also means posts) that If I offended or hurt you no matter who it is in Anyway. Please forgive me,” she wrote. “I’m a work in progress and I’m human. I love and respect you all and giving it is getting it.”

Braxton is often transparent with her supporters on social media during both good and difficult times.

“I had to be really strong in my faith and I know if it wasn’t for God, I would not be here,” she previously told Ebony magazine.

During an earlier interview with Flaunt magazine,  Braxton revealed just how much that faith was ingrained in her at a young age. “Both of my parents at one time were pastors of their own churches and I learned a lot from that, but not until I was an adult did I understand it and know for myself. That’s what changed things for me. That’s where accepting myself comes in. There’s no way I can fake the funk. If you do it, how long can you do it for?”



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