Royal Family Member Apologizes for Wearing Racist Brooch at Dinner With Meghan Markle

Want an example of white privilege? White privilege is wearing an expensive piece of racist jewelry to a dinner attended by your black soon-to-be relative, and when called out on it, “apologizing” by saying you have worn it many times before and no one has ever said anything,

Princess Michael of Kent came under fire Friday when news broke that she wore a blackamoor brooch to a Christmas lunch Wednesday at Buckingham Palace that was also attended by Meghan Markle. The Daily Mail reports that the princess apologized through her spokesperson, saying she was “very sorry and distressed” for having worn the brooch, which was a gift she’s worn many times before without controversy.

A Kensington Palace source said the brooch was not meant to insult Markle, who’s engaged to marry Prince Harry, and that Princess Michael will not wear it again.

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