Michael B. Jordan Responds To Gay Rumors “Grow The F**k Up!”

Point blank, Michael B. Jordan isn’t here for the foolery, the flim-flam or the f**kery! The Creed star took to Instagram Monday (Dec. 26) to put an end to rumors surrounding his sexuality, and while he attempted to take the high road, the 29-year-old actor seemingly was over it, and had to call out the haters.

“I usually don’t comment creep but, you know, s**t today I got time,” he said in the video. “So look, whoever’s angry, bitter, upset for whatever reason, grow the f**k up ‘cause karma’s real, and I usually take the high road. I usually don’t say s**t, I just let it roll ‘cause people are going to be people. Everybody they opinion. That’s what the Internet’s for. They going to say whatever.”

Jordan, who has been cast in the upcoming Marvel flick Black Panther, directed by his brother in arms Ryan Coogler, eventually caught himself and realized responding to the rumors only gives them more power.

“On second thought, why am I even giving energy to that s**t on this day,” Jordan questioned. “Y’all my fans. Y’all don’t need to hear me ranting about some BS. Enjoy your family, enjoy your blessings, enjoy the people you hold close and cherish that.”


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