Maintenance Man Violates Resident Captured on Camera!

Well Its sad to Say that THATSTRUE  but On Monday, November 1, 2016- A burglar wearing gloves, using a flashlight walking around in a single woman’s apartment unit at Cloverly Park Apartments in the Germantown section of Philadelphia PA was the building’s maintenance man!

Gina Jewett who happens to be the mother of Multi-Media Mogul Khalif M. Townes, had suspected that something was wrong as she noticed that medication ended up missing, jewelry and other items. Because Jewett lived alone, she thought that maybe she misplaced the items when it fact it was the Maintenance Man, Christopher Taylor who was helping himself to whatever we wanted and possible other residents units as well. She decided to install a home surveillance system because she knew it wasn’t going to be long before he returned. (SEE VIDEO BELOW):

Jewett called Philadelphia Police right away after she was looking through her home surveillance system which was hidden inside A Pop Tart Box. Who would think that a Camera would be inside a pop tart box. After the matters were in police hands, she contacted her property manager who assured her that Taylor was fired. However the management company had no comment on the situation. Nor did they want to inform other residents of the situation who may have also been victimized as well.

20161031_115733dCurrently in Police custody, Christopher Taylor of Bensalem turned himself in after being notified by Philadelphia Detectives to do so or they would come pick him up.  He is now facing multiple charges related to theft and burglary.

Since the situation, the landlord has charged her locks but she still feels unsafe. She plans to move out as soon as possible. However since her lease was breached by the Building Management employee, Jewett feels that since she feels unsafe and she was violated, she should be compensated for cost attached to moving out and into a new place as well as move in cost to a new apartment.

In talking to a number of residents who live in the apartment building, they also feel unsafe due to the fact that allegedly The Maintenance Man and the Property  Manager were in a relationship. And she to may or may not be involved.

Philadelphia police is also talking with other residents to find out if they may have been victims of the same situation and not even know it. If so, Taylor will have more charges added.

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