After a delay, Apple’s new wireless ear danglers went on sale last week with a price tag of $159 a pair. The company welcomed the launch by updating its iPhone Service Pricing Page with details on repairs and replacements, namely that a single AirPod runs $69 whether its under warranty or not.

The semi-good news is that if you’re successful in retaining your buds, the standard one-year warranty does include servicing AirPod batteries or charging cases, but that “doesn’t cover wear from normal use.” After the warranty expires, Apple will charge $69 for most service needed on the AirPod or the charging case. Battery service post-warranty will cost you $49 per pod, however.

But replacing the AirPod or charger for whatever reason will always cost $69 each, no matter what. And a close examination of the service pricing page reveals that Apple has opted against offering AppleCare+ for AirPods.

The AirPods were announced in September with a planned October release, but delayed for unspecified reasons until this past Tuesday (Dec. 13). So far, the devices are only available to purchase via Apple’s online store, with brick-and-mortar locations getting shipments next week. Given the delay for receiving a new pair ordered online (5 weeks), they appear to be a holiday season hit with gadget lovers.


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