Lil Scrappy Avoids Criminal Charges For Car Accident: Report

In case you missed it, Lil Scrappy was involved in a serious car accident over the weekend that left him practically unconscious and in the hospital. The Love & Hip-Hop star was driving down a Miami highway early Sunday morning after leaving King Of Diamonds strip club when his vehicle swerved off the road and slammed into a light pole, totaling the car. When the cops arrived, he & his buddy, Ca$ino Roulette, were found outside the car & on the ground, not knowing how they got there or what had happened. They were then rushed to the hospital, where they’re both currently recovering.

Well just like what happened to Offset last month, Lil Scrappy won’t be facing any criminal charges for the accident. TMZ reports that the police have closed their investigation into Scrappy’s nasty car accident. Cops said there was no evidence of drugs or alcohol in Scrappy, and no other cars or witnesses were involved, which ultimately led to their decision not to pursue criminal charges.

However Scrappy could see the case reopened if the worse case scenario were to happen. While he won’t be charge at the moment, the only way that could change is if the buddy who was with him, Ca$ino Roulette, were to tragically die. He was brought to the ICU because his injuries were so serious, but nothing more has been announced since so hopefully all is well with him.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on Scrappy’s recovery. 


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