Lil Kim Explains Why She Will Never Forgive Nicki Minaj

Lil Kim and Remy Ma beefed on wax years ago, but they were able to squash their issues and come together for a track on Remy’s upcoming studio album.

But Kim tells Hot 97 that she can’t really see that happening with Nicki Minaj unless money is involved.

She said:

But it’s hard when people can’t give you that respect, when people can’t mutually say, ‘I’m sorry if I said something that offended you. I made a mistake if I did this, I apologize, that wasn’t me.’

Some things just can’t be mended unless there’s a different type of conversation because some people take it too far. Some people take it to the point that they try to take everything from you. They try to deliberately see you in the ground. They try to hold to, ‘I’m right.’

If you wrong, and everyone knows that if that person is wrong…if you wrong, you have to right your wrongs. You have to do that. You just have to do that.

You get so many windows in life, you get so many times in the music industry to make something right. And when you shun it…at one point, people gonna be like, ‘You phony. I can’t.’

A snake is a snake. I’m not gonna pick up just because…alright, it’s being nice to me and wrapping around my leg. It’s still a snake.

So in that situation, it would probably have to be a business move and conversations.

It was a lot of damage. Me and Remy never…it was never really any damage between us because like I said, it was always a respect there. But when it’s a lot of damage there, it’s like at the end of the day, it could happen. But if it happens now, it’s about a check. It’s about a bag because you’re not really real.

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