Here’s Why Erica Mena Thinks She’s Too Good for ‘Love & Hip Hop’

Now that Erica Mena’s time on Love & Hip Hop is done, she’s speaking out about what she really thinks about the series that made her famous — and just about all of it is negative.

In an interview with Vlad TV, the notoriously opinionated reality star dished on what she really thinks about the series now that she’s no longer a part of it.

“All they care about is what’s going to make a good scene,” she said. “And they put you in this situation knowing already what’s going to make you tick, what’s your weak point, you know what I mean?”

She continued, saying it began negatively affecting her everyday life.

“You start to feel like you’re going to work and your nine to five is a complete war zone,” she said. “And that feeling  every day for five years created this person that just wasn’t balanced.”

Because of this, she says she decided to leave the show, choosing to focus more on her peace of mind rather than a paycheck.

“What matters most? Your sanity or the money?” she said. “That was good but not good enough where you’re going to take my livelihood and twist it around. And put me in these situations that bring out the complete worst in me.”


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