Here’s Why Mariah Carey May Have To Pay $3 Million Over Her Own Concerts

Mariah Carey has hit some legal issues. The singer was recently slapped with a lawsuit, which could cost her $3 million — and the money is stemming from her past concerts.

In the past couple of months, Mariah Carey has made headlines over a series of botched concerts and live shows. While each event has usually resulted in a series of articles and a couple of viral tweets, it seems her latest stint of botched concerts may cost her $3 million.

The iconic singer was recently slapped with a countersuit by a concert promoter over two shows on her Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour. The lawsuit isn’t pertaining to her performance; instead, it was filed because the star canceled without warning.

Concert promoter Fenix claims that the company booked Carey to play two shows in Argentina and Chile, but she pulled out of both gigs at the last minute, TMZ reports. Interestingly enough, Carey was the first person to take legal action against Fenix, alleging that the company did not pay her for the shows and that it ultimately damaged her brand. But according to the new court docs obtained by TMZ, Fenix claimed to have paid the singer nearly 75 percent of the $703,100 bill.

In the countersuit, Fenix claims the real reason Mariah was a no-show was due to her low ticket sales at her three shows in Brazil. Furthermore, Fenix alleged that Carey defamed its brand when she tweeted that her fans “deserve better than how some of these promoters treated them.”

This lawsuit is pending.


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