The Fresh Princess Of Bel-Air could be about to become a thing

Yup, according to TMZ Fresh Prince could be about to become Fresh Princess – with rumours that the programme which turned Will Smith into a household name could be set to be picked up, dusted down and given a female makeover for the 21st Century. Yes folks, it could happen. Because the site has reported that the company which owns the rights to Fresh Prince has recently filed a few trademark applications to lock down rights to the name ‘Fresh Princess’. And not just for TV either – they’re also looking to put it across a range of merchandise from clothing and backpacks to bags and shoes. We admit it – we’re excited to see where this leads. Not that others are quite so sure.


Of course this is all still very speculative – and there’s no word on whether Will Smith might be involved in any reboot. However he has previously played down suggestions that there could be a Fresh Prince reunion some time in the future. ‘Stuff had to go really wrong for there to be a Fresh Prince reunion special,’ he insisted.

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