Entrepreneur who Just Opened her 3rd Black-Owned Real Estate Company Within 5 Years to Become President of the NAREB

Tamairo Moutry-CEO/Real Estate Broker

African-American real estate broker, mogul & CEO Tamairo Moutry, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin native has been in the real estate business since 2004, and also has a background in teaching and mortgages. She has also owned a mortgage company in the past. Tamairo has recently been appointed the new President of the NAREB for the Greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin Chapter, which has been defunct for the last 10 years. She’s completing all of the paperwork and adding members to the group. NAREB is an African-American organization which seeks to help educate and empower the Black community about home ownership opportunities and programs. She has continued her best efforts by building her teams in all 3 states that she is licensed in. She now has agents in both Wisconsin and Georgia. Florida is next!

Her main background is in teaching. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and 18 graduate credits towards her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. For this reason, Tamairo is also a real estate instructor in the state of Wisconsin. She administers real estate education courses to current and potential real estate agents and brokers in Wisconsin. Her main niches are helping the lower-income population to buy homes. She also focuses on helping real estate investors to renovate affordable homes to revitalize the lower income communities.

She comments, “As a result of these programs, this will bring jobs to those affected and promote generational wealth in the black community.”

Another new found love that Tamairo says she has now is new construction. She says that she enjoys walking buyers through the processes of building their dream homes from the ground up. Many are already very much looking forward to any home buying seminars and community events that Tamairo decides to plan and host in the near future.

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