Chris Brown’s Documentary “Welcome To My Life” Will Air Sooner Than We Think

On Friday (Dec. 9), Chris Brown announced that he’s welcoming us into his life sooner than we think. Brown’s documentary, Welcome To My Life doesn’t have an official release date, but can be expected very soon as declared by the “Loyal” singer, himself.

The Riveting Entertainment film will seemingly document the trials and tribulations Brown experienced since the bout of legal trouble he’s been attached to since 2009. In the trailer above, Breezy admits to “thinking of suicide and everything else” as well as to omitting sleep and food and just “getting high,” during what appears to be a very dark time for him.

In an attempt to control the narrative surrounding the entertainer and his brand, as well as shed light on a more vulnerable side of the controversially talented triple-threat, the film features friends along the likes of Usher attesting that “If you truly love Chris Brown, then you felt everything that has gone on with him.”

While, fatherhood has led him to the release of his most recent project, Royalty, the hype surrounding his talent isn’t as awe-inspiring as it once was. But Brown sets the record straight for anyone who is doubting the singer’s return to his once untouchable spot in the industry, claiming: “If there was ever a doubt in your mind that Chris Brown was done, he was finished… I wouldn’t bet on it.”



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