ATL Homicide Ep. 207 – The Slain Patriot. Detectives Investigate the Brutal Murder of Eric Clark on Monday, July 29 at 9 p.m./8C

This week’s episode of ATL HOMICIDE explores the case of Eric Clark, a Navy veteran who was a loving son, brother, and husband. In order to make extra cash, Eric started up a bartending business in his home state of Alabama. Eric’s wife tells him that Atlanta has great deals on alcohol. So, on a fateful night in December 2005, Eric drives to Atlanta to pick up some wine, beer and other spirits, for an upcoming event. Hours later, Eric is pronounced dead from gunshot wounds. Fast forward to November 2008 and Detectives Quinn and Vince are assigned to the cold case and quickly jump in where the investigation left off. As the detectives learn more about Eric and those around him, endless suspects lead to several dead ends, turning the cold case even colder. When all seems lost, a last minute clue puts the detectives back on track, which leads them to discover that those with the darkest hearts are often the ones who are closest to you.
Tune in to the second season of ATL HOMICIDE as detectives Quinn and Velazquez search for the truth in their investigations, seeking to deliver justice for those who have become victims of the most gruesome crimes. Part of TV One’s “True Crime Mondays,” ATL HOMICIDE follows the detectives tackling hundreds of cold cases together from everyday ‘who-done-it’ scenarios to high-profile murder mysteries and more. The two have undeniable chemistry in the streets of “Hotlanta” – and a track record of putting murderers behind bars.
ATL HOMICIDE is produced for TV One by Wide Net Productions and Jupiter Entertainment. Executive Producers for Wide Net Productions are Rob Kerr and Sedg Tourison; for Jupiter Entertainment Allison Wallach serves as Executive Producer and Rudolf Fischmann is Supervising Producer. For TV One, Gold Morgan is the Executive Producer in Charge of Production and Brigitte McCray is Senior Vice President of Original Programming and Production.

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