50 Cent Hypes Chris Brown & Soulja Boy Boxing Match; Wants Mayweather Promotions To Endorse It

Like most of us watching from the sidelines, 50 Cent wants to see Chris Brown & Soulja Boy face off in the boxing ring. But rather than sitting back and waiting to see what happens, Fif is trying to take action into his own hands & orchestrate the match. Unless, he’s just trolling his followers like he’s known to do, but it appears he’s eager to get some money for team Breezy.

On Wednesday, Fif took to his IG to share a couple clips of him talking about all the money that could be made from the possible boxing match, as well as having Mayweather Promotions endorse it all.

“Tell Soulja I said stop apologizing,” 50 Cent wrote on Instagram. “Get the Draco out build up the hype for the fight. #putthemoneyonthewood I’m covering the bet for every set. LMAO.”

Fif made it clear he had his $100K on Chris, while he thought Floyd would bet on Soulja Boy since there could be some ill feelings between him & Breezy after sleeping with the same women in the past.

“Call Floyd [Mayweather] and tell him specifically I said, ‘bet 100,000.’ I’ll bet 100,000 on Chris, he can bet 100,000 on Soulja Boy. Floyd did some shit when Chris was on the phone with a girl, so he’ll probably be feeling a little funny because Chris probably fucked some of the same bitches he fucked and all kinds of shit like that.”

Later, Fif again hopped back on IG and said Mayweather Promotions was game to promote the fight. “BIG MONEY CHAMP said he will take the bet. Mayweather promotions is gonna promote the fight. This is the shut up, or put the money up challenge.”

Funny enough, it appears Chris too still wants the fight to happen as he jumped in the comment section of 50’s post, saying he would buy a yacht with the money he’d win. “50.. make sure these niggas get our money right!” Brown wrote. “WE ONE BUY A YAGHT AFTER THIS,” Chris commented.


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