Usher Robbed of $820K in House Theft

Thieves allegedly broke into a home owned by Usher and stole several belongings owned by the singer.

The Blast reports that Usher’s estranged wife, Grace Miguel, filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department alleging criminals broke into the home several times in recent weeks.

On March 29, the couple’s housekeeper told Miguel that she had “discovered a footprint on the second floor, a handprint on the pillow in the lower floor, and the curtains to the lower floor window were open.”

The housekeeper, whose name was not reported, then went to investigate the odd findings using security footage. Much to her surprise, “she noticed that the recording box was missing and connecting wires were cut.”

She thinks the crime unfolded over several break-ins which were put in motion at a recent open house event at the home, which is currently up for sale. She believes that the culprits unlocked a window at the showing.

Miguel then believes that the robbers then broke in and took several rings. The housekeeper noticed on of Usher’s rings was missing the week before. She did not report it because she assumed it was being worn by the “Yeah!” singer. The housekeeper noticed more pieces of jewelry missing a few days later but made the same assumption then, as well.

The full list of missing jewelry includes a $200,000 rose gold Jesus chain, and six watches, one of which was worth $220,000. The grand total of the stolen goods and cash is valued at $820,000.

 Miguel thinks the robbers returned one final time to steal the security footage to help hide their identities.

The LAPD are currently investigating the case to verify Miguel’s theory and bring the thieves to justice.

This robbery is just the latest in a long line of legal woes for Usher.

 Miguel was then informed of the incident and noted that several pieces of jewelry were missing. Miguel then contacted Usher, whose full name is Usher Raymond IV, and found that a box on a nightstand that held approximately $20,000 in cash was also missing.

The longtime music exec has her own theory on the robbery, which she relayed to police, according to The Blast.

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