The Sesame Street theme park is the first to receive a certification for autism sensitivity and awareness training. When the park opens for the season later this month, it will offer special services for kids and parents.

“It can be pretty intense to bring a child into a theme park environment that has a sensory disorder,” the park’s president, Cathy Valeriano, told Newsweek.

Staffers at Sesame Place have been trained to interact with children on the autism spectrum and the park has added quiet rooms where kids with sensory processing disorders can find a reprieve from the commotion outside. The Sesame Place website offers planning tips for parents so they can be strategic about what sections of the park to visit or avoid, based on the child’s needs.

The two special quiet rooms at Sesame Place are for when “you need just a quiet space to … rest and relax and kind of restart your day,” according to Valeriano.


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