Ray J stars in ‘PUMP’ on UrbanFlix TV – Available Now

Produced by Grant, Phaedra Harris, and Angela White, the cast includes Ray J, Jennifer Freeman, McKinley Freeman, Lanett Tachel, Redaric Williams, Cynthia Rodriguez, Christian Torres Villalobos, Michael Jai White, and Masika Kalysha.

When trainer, Sean Ford gets the opportunity of a lifetime, he leaves his job high and dry as his POWER PUNCH videos transform him from Fitness Trainer into “Fitness God.” But after his supplement line causes spastic bouts of diarrhea, he and his videos are banished from the industry.

With no endorsements, no friends, and flat out BROKE, Sean must crawl back with his tail between his legs to gentrified Inglewood, to a gym that started it all, “PUMP.” And as he clamors to piece his life back together, he’s forced to rely on the only family he has left, his co-workers at the gym, and they are dysfunctional to the max.

There’s a nutritionist who eats his emotions, a front desk receptionist who slangs hair by the ounce and gossip by the minute, a yoga teacher with bouts of Tourette’s, and a spin instructor who exudes equal amounts of sexiness and sensitivity leaving every student equally…confused. This was the dysfunctional family that Sean left as soon as fame came knocking.

And now that he’s back, not everybody’s happy. Especially an old flame turned Supervisor that Sean left behind. And to make matters worse, a new foe has stepped into his once coveted top-spot and Is besting him in every area of life. But Sean’s inflated ego won’t let him settle for second best and he’s coming to reclaim his throne, even if he has to ‘POWER PUNCH’ his way back to the top.

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