Ray J Hospitalized While Filming ‘Celebrity Big Brother,’ Manager Says Show Breached Contract

Ray J was hospitalized on Tuesday (Jan. 10) while shooting Celebrity Big Brother in the United Kingdom due to a severe tooth pain that caused him to black out.

TMZ first reported the news, which Billboard has confirmed the with the singer’s manager, David Weintraub.

According to Weintraub, the Celebrity Big Brother producers initially “ignored” Ray J’s medical requests on Sunday and ordered him to continue shooting. The next day, his condition worsened and his fellow cast members became increasingly concerned for his well being. The show then brought in a dentist, who gave Ray J painkillers.

On Tuesday, Weintraub said, when his symptoms continued to worsen, at Ray J’s pleading, producers finally conceded to bring him to a hospital but he blacked out on the way there due to the prescribed painkillers.

Weintraub said Ray J is now is safely resting with plans to visit a dentist on Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, Ray J’s future on the show is currently unclear. TMZ reports he has been kicked off, possibly putting his reported $1 million deal in jeopardy. But Weintraub told Billboard it is not so simple and says the show has breached its contract with his client, who he confirmed is the highest paid person in the history of the program.

“There are a slew of legal issues that we are facing with the Big Brother program, because based on their actions they have breached their contract with us,” he said. “We waited a long time to put Ray J in any U.K. programming, we waited for the right show, and it’s unfortunate due to unforeseen circumstances that his first television show has so many issues that we’re dealing with.”

Late Tuesday, Ray J tweeted saying he hoped to rejoin the show. I was having so much fun! – still waiting to go back in – fingers crossed! #cbb2017


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