President Obama Reportedly Plans To Move $1 Billion To Low-Income Schools Before Leaving Office

President Barack Obama plans to make one major change before leaving office this week.

According to CNN, the Obama administration is considering a last-minute policy shift that could move an estimated $1 billion to schools with large numbers of low-income students. The policy, written by the Department of Education, is expected to cut spending at well-financed elementary and secondary schools if green lit.

Adopting the regulation, initially proposed in September, before Donald Trump swears in on Inauguration Day would bind his incoming administration unless Congress overturns it.

The proposal has already drawn fierce opposition from Republican lawmakers and school administrators alike. The National School Boards Association called the move “unnecessary” and “unwarranted federal overreach,” but according to education policy expert Scott Sargrad, the regulation “could significantly improve achievement for students” in low-income schools, CNN reports.



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