Lauren London revealed in an interview with Complex that a sequel to the classic movie, ATL is in the works. The actress appeared on their Sneaker Shopping series, and revealed that there most likely will be a part two to the movie that took Lauren’s acting career to the next level.

The Los Angeles born actress is famous for her role as the character “New New” in the film who was T.I.’s character, Rashad’s, love interest. The Chris Robinson-directed film is still very popular, having been one of the early films to explore the Hip-Hop/Black culture scene in Atlanta.

There have been rumors of an ATL sequel for a while now. We’ve previously seen footprints of the creation but years have gone by since the initial reports and the rumors faded away. Now, the former music video actress is saying that the sequel is most likely happening although it doesn’t seem like she is too much involved to this point.

“I know that they are working on it, and I know that this is something that they are trying to push forward,” said London. London says that T.I. would have better insight to what is going on with the film. “I do know that as much as the fans want it we want it too,” said London.

Following her role in ATL, a lot of acting opportunities opened up for the young actress. The 33-year-old mother of two starred in This Christmas with a host of prominent stars like Chris Brown, Idris Elba, and Regina King. She also grabbed a role in season 6 of BET’s TV show The Game, which has since been canceled. She currently plays a role in a new BET series, Rebel, where she plays the character Kim.


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