Jim Jones already has a long resume as an establish rapper, reality television star, clothing line founder, and now he’s adding football team owner to it.

The Richmond Roughriders of the American Arena League announced that Jones was a co-owner along with Greg Fornario and Michael Kacor, on Tuesday.

I’m grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to taking the Roughriders to the top,” the rapper said in a statement. “Hopefully this will inspire the youth to pursue positive activities, especially through sports.

General rapper and co-owner Fornario praised Capo saying:

The Richmond Roughriders partnership with Jim Jones enables us to bring so much more to the table in regards to introducing the high impact sport of Indoor football to the hip-hop culture, allowing us to build the Richmond Roughriders brand not just in our community but nationwide.

Jim stopped by E Bro in the Morning to explain that he’s getting into football because he “wants to bring culture to the game”.

If I could put five more teams and add some dope artists to it and help them get some ownership, then you might see a Jim Jones’ team play a 2 Chainz’s team.

This was a dream that the late rapper Tupac Shakur envisioned 20 years ago; Rappers owning sports leagues and uniting the youth and urban communities. It’s inspiring to see Pac’s vision come to fruition, and hopefully rapper’s continue to make these boss moves.

The Richmond Roughriders kick off their second season in March 2018.

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