Happy 30th Birthday To Colin Kaepernick!

Today (November 3) marks the 30th birthday of Colin Kaepernick. And the free-agent quarterback ended his 20s amidst his lawyer, Mark Geragos, saying that he expects Kaepernick to be signed“within the next 10 days” earlier in the week. While that announcement sparked some hope, Kaepernick has been snubbed yet again by another NFL team for another inferior QB.

 Shortly after announcing that their star rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson tore his ACL during Thursday’s team practice, the Houston Texans signed Matt McGloin, who has only played in 13 NFL games and sports a 75.3 QB rating in comparison to Kaepernick’s 88.9.

That has even mainstream news outlets calling out the Texans, with USA TODAY Sports saying the team has “no excuse” for passing on Kaepernick.

This is the same Texans team whose owner, Bob McNair, referred to protesting NFL players as “inmates,” so can we really be surprised?

If anything, this latest snub and blatant disrespect of Kaepernick seemingly only strengthens his grievance against NFL team owners for collusion.

That being said, happy birthday to arguably the most woke athlete today, Colin Kaepernick.

Source: bet.com 

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