Fetty Wap Speaks On Venue Protection After Oakland Tragedy

Several people around the country are sending their condolences to the victims and families of a massive fire at an EDM dance party held at “The Ghost Ship” warehouse in Oakland, Calif., which broke out on Dec. 2.

Fetty Wap spoke to TMZ about the tragedy, where he said he believes artists on the come up need better protection and stricter safety precautions if they’re playing smaller venues.

“Some artists feel like the young artists deserve to be here, we work just as hard as they do,” he told the camera of all artists needing to feel like they’re wanted and protected. “Everybody deserves the same thing. That’s called equal rights!”

Later, Fetty began to discuss the safety measures his team takes during his shows, especially when it comes to helping him see the stage.

“I be focused on the crowd, that I don’t really be payin’ attention to the floor so much,” he explained of his team, who puts electrical tape down so that he can know where he’s going. “Certain lights can’t hit my eyes too hard because I’m not gonna be able to see too much. They really go out their way to help me.”

At least 33 people are confirmed dead after the deadly fire in Oakland, and roughly 70 percent of the building still needs to be searched. It could take weeks for the some of the victims to be identified through DNA testing and dental records.



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