Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta’ set to return in March with new title

Donald Glover’s surreal and critically acclaimed comedy series “Atlanta” is set to return in March on FX with an expanded title, reports said Friday.

The show will now air under the name “Atlanta Robbin’ Season,” according to reports. The reason for the title switch isn’t clear, but the change fits with the show’s quirky humor, which often veers in directions rarely seen in network television comedies.

“Atlanta” premiered in 2016 but took a hiatus in 2017 while Glover, who created and stars in the series, took part in the filming of a “Star Wars” spinoff movie about the early life of popular character Han Solo.

Critics showered the show with praise, giving it props for tackling sensitive issues like poverty, racism and parenthood with uncommon intelligence and grace.

The story follows a Princeton dropout managing a young musician’s rise through Atlanta’s cutthroat underground hip-hop scene.

The series is noted for bizarre and at times experimental storylines. One episode, for example, features a fictional version of Justin Bieber who happens to be black.

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