Democrats on Oprah 2020: It’s not crazy and she could win, but …

The day after Oprah Winfreydelivered a speech that thrust her into the conversation about the 2020 presidential race, Democratic strategists and activists largely agree: It’s not crazy. And she could win.

First, though, Winfrey would have to answer huge questions. Among them: Where does she stand on the issues? Is she willing to sacrifice her personal popularity and face scrutiny over how her business empire has operated?
The television star and self-made billionaire addressed the “#MeToo” moment and promised that “a new day is on the horizon” during a Golden Globes award acceptance speech Sunday night. The speech struck a chord, drawing comparisons to then-Illinois state senator Barack Obama’s 2004 Democratic National Convention speech, which launched him toward the presidency four years later.
Sunday night, when her longtime partner, Stedman Graham, was asked by a Los Angeles Times reporter about Winfrey running in 2020, he said she “would absolutely do it.” On Monday, two Winfrey friends told CNN she is “actively thinking” about a run for president.
Democrats across the country said that in Winfrey they see some of the qualities they’re seeking in a 2020 nominee.
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