Chance The Rapper Gifts 300 Pairs Of Unreleased Jordans To Chicago Teens During

The proud Chicago native gifted dozens of local high schoolers with early Christmas presents during the most recent of the monthly Open Mike night he hosts through his charity foundation, Social Works. Taking to the stage of the Cindy Pritzker Auditorium just as the event came to a close, Chance was met with cheer and screams from the teens as he assisted with handing out 300 pairs of Jordan 11 sneakers to those who attended.

The generous gesture and December’s edition of the event was in tribute to Chance’s late mentor, “Brother Mike” Hawkins.

On the anniversary of the passing of my mentor Brother Mike, @OpenMikeChicago had one of it’s best nights yet. Thanks to @Korporate00 for speaking and thanks to @Jumpman23 for bringing 300 pair of unreleased 11s for the young creatives. Until next year… POWER TO THE PEOPLE…


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