Black Panther’ Broke More Box Office Records As It Topped ‘Avengers

Because these weekly updates remain popular and I enjoy doing them, and because I have a lengthy interview to transcribe and edit, please enjoy this latest round of various records and milestones that Marvel’s Black Panther set in its sixth weekend of release. The Walt Disney mega-bucks blockbuster had to settle for a sad second-place rank in its sixth weekend of release as John Boyega’s Pacific Rim: Uprising took the top spot, but I think Wakanda will survive since, well, let’s just dig into it…

While Black Panther is already one of the biggest-grossing movies ever in raw grosses, it still has a way to go on that pesky “adjusted for inflation” list. Inflation accounts for the rise of ticket prices as well as 3D bumps and ticket surcharges from IMAX, D-Box and other stuff that mostly didn’t exist even in 2008. By that scale, Black Panther has sold more domestic tickets than all but 39 movies. Hitting $700m+ may be a mission: impossible, but a gross above $687m would put it in the top 30 and put it above The Dark Knight and Thunderball.

With $1.237 billion worldwide after six weeks, Black Panther is No. 12 on the all-time worldwide-grossers chart, between Fate of the Furious ($1.236b) and Beauty and the Beast ($1.263b). It may pass Beauty and the Beast as early as the end of next week (or soon after), but Frozen ($1.276b) may take a little longer. It may go no further than the 10th place on the charts (or 11th after Infinity War presumably outgrosses it, but that’s a coin toss). It may hit $1.3b, but The Last Jedi ($1.33b) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II ($1.34b) are likely just too high of a climb.


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