The American Stroke Association Recognizes World Stroke Day October 29

Did you know that stroke is the second leading cause of death worldwide and a leading cause of disability — with disparities ranking highest among African-American’s and Hispanics? Fortunately, today, stroke is more treatable than ever before, but time is critical. Awareness of the signs can mean the difference between recovery, disability, or even death. Know what to do if you see the signs in someone or if you yourself are experiencing the signs of a stroke. Anyone can have a stroke at any time so act now!
KNOW THE SIGNS:  Learn the signs of a stroke using the acronym F.A.S.T., (F) Face Drooping, (A) Arm Weakness, (S) Speech, (T) Time to Call 9-1-1
SHARE THE INFO:  Raise awareness of stroke symptoms in your family, church and/or community using this infographic and other resources.
CREATE YOUR HERO:  Learning about stroke can be fun!  Create your own stroke hero story yourself or as an activity with a group – it’s free, easy, and most importantly, it can save a life.
Remember, whether you’re in the middle of a church service or at your kid’s football game, the second you notice a stroke sign in yourself or someone else, it’s time to act. Stroke is largely treatable but even a small delay can have a big impact. Every second counts during a stroke and no excuse is worth risking a life. Stroke won’t wait and neither should you.
For more information and resources, please visit For media opportunities, spokesperson interviews or to share your personal stroke survivor story, please contact Mara Silverio at


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