Allen Iverson Explains Why He Would Never Become A Head Coach In The NBA

Allen Iverson will be making his return to basketball in the public eye this summer when he joins Ice Cube’s 3 on 3 basketball league as a player and coach of his squad. TMZ caught up with the Hall-of-Famer during All-Star weekend in New Orleans, asking him about potential teammates in the 3 on 3 league and any coaching aspirations he may have.

The Answer asserted his desire to team up with the dominant Laker duo of Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant, “I hope he would, but I know he ain’t going to do nothing like that,” said Iverson. “My whole thing is I want Shaq to play with me too, but it ain’t going to go down like that. It’d be too easy.”

Then the camera man followed up asking if the 41-year-old’s end goal was to become a head coach in the NBA. AI swiftly shut down any thought of that, “Hell no! I ain’t coaching no motherf**kers who make more money than me. How the hell am I gonna tell them anything?”


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