Tracee Ellis Ross Getting Paid ‘Significantly Less’ Than Anthony Anderson, Might Cut Back ‘Black-ish’ Schedule

The wage gap in Hollywood has been a hot topic as of late, especially thanks to the whole Mark Wahlberg/Michelle Williams fiasco.

Remember, it was uncovered that the All the Money in the World actress was given $80 per diem for 10 days while Wahlberg got a whopping $1.5 million for reshooting the film after Kevin Spacey got kicked out of the film. Not to mention, she was paid $625,000 for her entire work while he took home $5 million.

But a new report from The Hollywood Reporter shows that this gender issue hits a little closer to home in Black Hollywood too.

During a behind-the-scenes at a #TimesUp meeting, a source told the entertainment publication that black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross makes a lot less than her TV hubby.

“According to a source who attended, the Wahlberg-Williams discrepancy was discussed at length, as was Tracee Ellis Ross getting paid significantly less than her Black-ish co-star Anthony Anderson,” the report said.

And because of it, the Golden Globe winner may devote less time on the hit comedy less if her contract for the fifth season doesn’t satisfy her needs.

“With negotiations for the fifth season ongoing, sources say Ellis Ross feels that if she isn’t brought up to Anderson’s level, she may opt to appear in fewer episodes to make up the disparity by guesting on another show. The tactic has split opinions within Time’s Up, with some worried that it’s more a retreat than a forward-looking solution (fitting in extra work isn’t always feasible, and often an actress wouldn’t earn as much guesting as she would as a network star),” THR said.

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