Nick Gordon pleads not guilty to battery of girlfriend

Nick Gordon maintains that he did not abuse his girlfriend Laura Leal.

On Wednesday, his attorney appeared in court on his behalf to enter a not guilty plea in a case stemming from a domestic violence arrest earlier this month, reports The Blast.

Gordon, 29, was booked on one misdemeanor battery charge in Sanford, Fla., following an altercation with Leal.

At the time of the arrest, Gordon claims he was attacked by the woman. She, on the other hand, stated Gordon struck her in the face multiple times while they were driving. She suffered visible injuries, but refused to press charges.

Gordon was taken to jail and was released on $500 bond.

Things didn’t get better for Gordon, who was arrested again days later for violating a no-contact order put in place by the judge. He was later released.

Leal, for her part, begged the court to drop the no-contact order. She wrote a letter saying, “I would like to kindly ask you to lift the no-contact order that was placed against Nicholas Gordon and I. I am not in any kind of fear or danger being around him and would like to be able to contact him as soon as possible.


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