Michael Brown’s mother contemplating run for Ferguson city council

The mother of Michael Brown, the black man whose fatal shooting by a police officer in 2014 set off nationwide demonstrations, said Monday that she is considering running for a seat on the Ferguson, Mo. city council.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Tuesday that Lezley McSpaddendiscussed running for office while speaking on a panel at Harvard University.

“What I’m contemplating is running for City Council of Ferguson, McSpadden said, prompting audience members to cheer and chant “Run, Lesley, Run.”

There are people who are willing to help get a campaign started and “make sure that I’m treated right,” McSpadden said.

Benjamin Crump, her family’s attorney who was also a panelist, encouraged McSpadden to enter the race.

“What a legacy that would be — elected to the City Council and supervising the same police department that killed Michael Brown,” Crump said.

The death of McSpadden’s 18-year-old son in 2014 acted as a major catalyst for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Source: thehill.com

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